A Tale

Posted: June 22, 2009 in Uncategorized

Teaching Secondary school was of much fun for me, Alhamdulliah, it was a rich experience. Even when they looks grown up to you, you discover the contrary as you get more closer to them. Sharing their interests is one of the main strategy to gain their concern. Addressing their brains, is very important to them. If you talk to them like kids they will never listen to you. And, they may show you, that this won’t work, of course in their own way.

My first day  in Secondary school was weird, I don’t even remember the faces I saw, nor their names. It was like the haze before my eyes. Student’s were wearing dark blue dresses, I didn’t like it at all. they looks like ladies in the fifteenth century, although you can notice their childish and impetuous behavior.

Teachers were so kind to me, asking me heaps of questions whenever they catch me walking through corridors. They were not much fashionable, but they wear what suits them. drinking gallons of coffee” Arabian coffee”. In break times, they have their maid who prepare a small feast for them every day. they pay for their food and drinks about 130 SR each. Most of their conversations are about pregnancy, husbands, kids, houses, maids…..etc. And whenever they talk about student’s, they complain. Never liked the headmaster, even if she was the best. Dealing with the headmaster, just like a student dealing with their teacher. * tricky*.What happens inside the walls of any school, are Tales which could be told in tons of books.

*written in 2008*


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