Big6 in Dubai

Posted: June 22, 2009 in big6, Uncategorized

Big6 is one of the most successful approaches nowadays, it has the capability of applying Information Literacy Standards which was been set by the Council of Australian Librarians.  It is a

Solving problem approach based on 6 tips. I have been using it

through my teaching for Primary school, as well as Secondary school. (Not as a part of the Curriculum)

the Big6 was the topic for one such list Alicia Salaz, Faculty Librarian at Dubai Women’s College, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, wrote that her library was beginning to use the Big6 as their information literacy model of choice.  I learned from Alicia that the library at Dubai Women’s successfully implemented the Big6 model into their information literacy workshops. Alicia’s example shows the kind of success Big6 can create in a short amount of time, even with a unique group of learners.”  link

I always wished we would be the first to have such a good a approach applied in our school and university libraries. *that’s what I am going to work on insha’allah*.


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