Everybody’s Fool

Posted: April 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

For how long society will succeed in fooling the youth that the real love comes after marriage.. ? ? Does it really come after marriage?

Marrying a man you have never seen before except for the few times you are allowed to. These times in which a girl is supposed to show how much her shyness would succeed in tempting the man (who supposed to be the future husband ) and of course his Mom too … Because if she ever dared looking at him in the eye she is with no doubt NOT a proper wife.. How could their precious sincere boy put his life in the hand of such a bold girl who happened to look at him in the eye ( WHAT A SHAME ).

In the mean time the poor girl is praying that the mom and her precious boy would be dreaming of how appealing and beautiful girl she looks .the catastrophe will fall upon the girl’s family if the boy didn’t approve of the girl. As a result the girl will be looking at as a rotten ware..

Is that the kind of marriage our society is calling for?

  1. sara says:

    oh right baby You are completely right I agree with you they r sick
    thank u keep going honey we need ,more

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