in love with fiction

Posted: August 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

What is really inspiring me is when I read a novel and find out that somehow it can be connected to my world .. to my daily life.. so thoughtful and so inspiring

And while I was reading the twilight series … I found out how much it is so relevant some how to the real life,eventhough it deals with vampirse, the theme of love and passion in this novel is portrayed in such a beautiful way. you can assume that it happens to everycouple who gone through a love experience.

It might occures to some people that reading fiction won’t be of a much benefit as reading a non-fiction books, which is inconvenient. I mean some people might find a book about human development is much more beneficial than a novel or a short story. I myself used to think the same.. but what i discovered is something unique.(according to me at least). fiction is exploring the human soul as well as feelings, specially when you find out how much it can be so relvent to our daily life. And, this is exactly what fiction does, it tackles our daily life in unexpected ways. Inrich our minds with vivid experiences. I wouldn’t consider it fiction if it didn’t accomplish this standard.

PS: don’t impersonate your fiction heros.


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