They Made a Difference to my life..

Posted: August 10, 2010 in forums, Human development, Renaissance Project

Allah blessed me with so many graces ,countless graces. And all what I can do in return is living my life to be so thankful and so grateful to my Creator … Allhamdullilah ..

One of the great things I have been blessed with, is attending Dr.Ali Sharab workshop which was about:

1- Thinking

2- Thinking skills

3- Measuring  students thinking skills.

(four days full of rich discussions) … that’s how i can describe this incident.. it changed my attitude toward so many things.. for instant:

1- I learned that a skill like *brainstorming*  is not a skill in itself .. it is a strategy which leads to the skill (Fluency)

2- I learned that *the will*  is not a state of feelings or sensation … it is the things which make us move on or stop .. it works in our minds like the car brakes..

These are few of the extraordinary things i have learned … Thank you so much Dr. Ali  🙂

Another great great great thing which i can say changed alot in my life a workshop with Dr.Jasim Alsultan. about Renaissance project. ps: links are in arabic.

Thanks to my sister  Bayan for inviting me to attend … and she post a lovely post about the workshop. Also, I met wonderful girls … Safyyah Aljefri a gorgeous girl with intelligent and funny soul .. Najla’a Hussain fabulous girl and so fashionable and aslo so cutey .. Amani A. Daghriri stunning girl with a brain like a machine .. the kind of girls who lives to give …unique personality  for sure ..

I have learned the most Brilliant things in my life with Dr. Jasim … and I would rather you check my sisters’ post because she gives a better description for the project ..

The third and final thing is (the Trilogy of Life forum) ….you may ask what do we mean by the trilogy of life .. I designed this diagram …

for more info : click here

In this forum we have met all of the people on the poster except for  Sheikh Ibrahim Alharthi , he apologizeD for not being able to attend .. but all in all … the meeting were so fascinating .. meeting Ahmad Alshukairy personally was like woow .. PS: he is so handsome masha’allah lol ..

the reason why i have started talking about Ahmad Alshukairy is that we had so many I can say special talks with him the point he asked us to stop the vedio camera .. now .. am not gonna say what was the talking about ..but the other talks were about his new season for his show .. 5awa6er  .. it was a privilege 🙂

Omar Uthman talked to us about reading the importance of reading .. what to read .. and how to read many reading subjects were invloved .. so beneficial .. he refered to Dr.Jasim Sultan project ..I made a face like a child when seeing something so exciting and most importantly familiar..

Ali Abu Alhassan taught us how to spend Rmadhan ..and how to get ready for the holy month .. He gave us a Schedule to help us in making the best of Rmadhan .. which is so great I liked it so much …check it out in this link

What is so special about him .. is that when he explained the whole thing .. he was like givning us the information through his feelings  …. i think he believe that what comes out truly from the heart reached the heart as truly as it been coming out…

Hayah Alshatti wooow .. what can I say about this girl .. she is the kind of girls who talks and you don’t want her to stop talking … she brought tears to our eyes .. as she was telling the tale of her experience with the zinonist army .. Bless her soul .. she is a tough girl with a heart full of faith and Eman .. Masha’allah  ..

Sheikh Ali Alamri he talked to us about the story of Prophet Suliman and the hoopoe bird ….. and connected the story with our  jobs in life as a callers for Islam …

And , yep  … this is the end of it … They made a change to my life  …they truly did 🙂

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