Ramadan and the Misconceptions ..!!!

Posted: August 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

Ramadan Mubarak to all my dear bloggers and readers ..  may Allah Almighty grace us worshipping Allah the way HE approve ..and accept our good deeds ..Amen

What I really want to point out here in this post is the so common misconceptions in our society about what Ramadan really is ..beside the things we must do and the ones we mustn’t do ..

Ramadan is a holy month in which muslims fast ( not to eat not drink ) during the day ..from dawn to sundown.. so many verses and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him tells us about the virtues of Ramadan.

BUT ….It is also, well known to so many people as the month of *massive drama destruction* ..  I am not attempting to say  that all the dramas are bad … but as we all see .. the Arabic drama is not fulfilling any of our hopes and ambitions ..

yes I might be so subjective in my opinion .. but let us see the whole matter through another dimension

If a Chinese (he/she) want to find out who the Arabs really are ..how do they look?!! ..how do they behave?!!  .. and what are their customs?!! ..the easiest way to find out … is through Arab Drama , music , art and books  …how do we really expose ourselves to the other cultures ??   that is the question ..I pray to Allah that those Chinese won’t see series like Beynee wa beynak  <<< ( ps: am not going to link for that ok)..   In the other way .. i wish they could see one of  Fairuz drama onstage  .. or listening to her fabulous voice .. she is our Arab lady of all times  😀

That was in fact just an example of how we can expose ourselves to the other cultures.. Specially in Ramadan because the whole world is staring at us with suspicious eyes  .. how do these people fast ?!!..and how do they spend their holy month ..?!!

I really don’t know why …but in our society people tend to go to the extremes .. I mean either white or black .. either worshipper isolated himself from the human being world, or the one who doesn’t pray or fast and never do his duties toward Allah.. it goes sometimes like  .. *we are in Ramadan don’t read a single book but the Qur’an* .. now that is definitely one of the biggest misconceptions  … every single thing  the Muslim does , intending it to be done for Allah alone , he will be rewarded for it  … being in a month of worship doesn’t mean that we don’t live our lives as human … doesn’t mean we don’t read  books ..doesn’t mean we don’t develop ourselves to be better people ..

Another one , is wasting times … do I have to clarify more in this aspect ?

I don’t know if I covered everything .. but please if you read this and you feel like there is another misconception which is not mentioned above feel free to add it in the comment section  ..

Jazakum Allah khair 🙂

also check this out : link


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