And she still doesn’t understand what wasn’t ok ?!!!

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Palestine

former Israeli soldier who posted photos on Facebook of herself in uniform smiling beside bound and blindfolded Palestinian prisoners said her actions were “thoughtless,” but she stopped short of apologizing.

Whom to be blamed ..?!! is it her ? -the one who doesn’t understand what wasn’t ok with the picture . or the Palestinian Authorities who got nothing to do but condemn and lament as well as the Arabs … or the Israeli army .. who can simply also condemn and lament pointing out that it’s got nothing to do with the Israeli vision … ??!!

All, denied and protested  the hideousness of the action … the question is why she doesn’t understand what exactly the thing which wasn’t ok with the picture  ?!!

I think it’s either:

1-It’sa matter of perception .. meaning … it’s a state of war …. logically there must be prisoners – foe prisoners- so that kind of pictures must be logically accepted  ..

2-Or she didn’t expect all the media  paranoia caused by her action her reaction was like a thief who was caught at the crime scene ..and with full surprised face ..(what wasn’t ok ?!!! )

3-Or according to her standers this is nothing …which imply that what happens inside the walls is more vicious.

4-OR she has never taught the ethics of war ?!!


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